How to Wipe Your Butt With 1 Sheet of Toilet Paper.

We've all been in this situation. You really have to poop so you run to the nearest toilet and do your business without checking to see if there's any toilet paper left. Regardless if you're in a public restroom or if your wife wife didn't replace the roll, it looks like your options are:

1.) Not Wipe and let the poop smear all over your butt cheeks and clothes.

2.) Use your hands but you don't want your fingers to get dirty. I mean, come on! You're going to have a meal later.

3.)Use the "1 finger technique."

The "1 finger technique" is a simple technique designed to wipe your butt with only 1 sheet of toilet paper. If you have a 2 ply sheet, take half and wrap it around the tip of the finger you're going to wipe with. With the remaining half, place the center at the tip of the finger you'll be wiping with. The idea is to form a barrier (although weak) around the wiping finger. The idea is to provide a lot of protection to the finger tip and some protection to the remainder of the finger.

Stay tuned, pictures will be coming soon!