Red Poop

What is the most likely cause of red bloody poop?

Be sure to visit a doctor if you're experiencing red bloody poop. Sometimes the bathroom lighting makes the red bloody poop look orange.

Internal bleeding or anal tearage is the most common cause of red bloody poop. The blood can come from places such as the rectum, large intestine, and other parts of the intestinal tract. It can also be syptoms of: anal fissure, hemorrhoids, colitis, colon cancer, diverticulitis, and inflammatory bowel disease are just some of the reasons.

Note that foods such as watermelon, tomoto, red food coloring, beets, can cause poop to be red.

Treatment options
If the red color is blood caused by internal bleeding, depending on the severity, the doctor will most likely order a series of tests and labs to find out what is causing you to have bloody poop.  Be sure to seek medical attention sooner rather than later because the sooner the doctor or surgeon understands what is wrong the easier it is for them to take the appropriate action to fix the problem.