Green Infant Poop and Green Baby Poop

Taking care of an infant baby is a great responsibility.  It can be intimidating at times because they are fragile and need to be properly cared for.  Here are the most common reasons why new infants and babies have green colored stools.

Meconium is the first bowel movement a new infant baby will have and it has a sticky and thickish consistency that is greenish and blackish in color.

Food Allergies such as dairy can be the culprit of green baby poop.

Baby Formula that is high in iron can cause green poop.  Switching to a baby formula with less iron or breast milk can change the infant poop color.

Jaundice, the green poop will go away once the baby is off bilirubin lights.

Hindmilk - Foremilk imbalance from breastmilk.  This happens when there is too much alternating between the left and right breast. Try to keep each feeding session consistent with one breast.

It is common for the poop color to change as the digestive system develops and as the diet changes.  Generally speaking, people usually will tell parents not to worry if it happens rarely. If the poop continues to be green or the child has symptoms that suggest illness then it is definitely time to consult with a pediatrician.