How to Poop Like a Caveman

Many bathrooms in the United States and westernized areas have toilets for people to take a dump. This means that people will have both butt cheeks firmly planted on a seat while they try to poop. This is far from ideal because the path that poop leaves the anus is bent.

A more natural way to poop is by pooping into a hole in the ground. (If you do not have the luxury of pooping into the ground you can line a shoebox with newspaper to improvise.)
In a sqautting position with both heels firmly planted on the floor, What you want to do is place your anus directly above the center of the newspaper lined shoebox so it catches your poop. Do you notice a difference? It might feel akward the first few times but once you get used to it, you'll probably begin to notice that the experience of excreting feels more "natural."

On a side note, do remember to wipe your poop off your butt before standing up because you don't want to smear.