Black Poop

People experiencing black or dark colored poop should consult witih their medical doctor.  It can be something dangerous that requires medical attention. The more common causes for black poop, and black fecal matter are: 

People excreting black stool may be experiencing internal bleeding in the digestive system. It is advised that individuals experiencing black stools when they use the bathroom contact their licensed medical physician to get diagnosed and tested. 

Other phsyiological causes can be incurred by high blood pressure or excessive alcohol consumption.  These are also potentially fatal so you should contact your doctor.

Look at the diet. Consuming a lot of high iron cereals, leafy vegetables, red meat beef, cashews, almonds, beans, liver, walnuts, clams, salmon, rasins, shrimp, tofu, or spinach?  Excessive iron as a part of one's diet can lead to the excretion of black stool.  Too much iron in your diet can also lead to iron toxicity.  Speak with a dietician during your consultation if you have never done so, it is a good idea to make sure your body is digesting the proper minerals, nutriets, proteins, fats, and carbohydrates on a consistent basis.

Just because an individual has eaten a lot of foods with iron doesn't mean that it's safe to rule out the possibility of a physiological problem.

Just another reminder to contact your physician if you are experiencing black or bloody poop.